St. Mary's

C.E. Primary School

Development Plan

St Mary's School Development Priorities 2020-2021

Priority 1.1: The Recovery Curriculum To develop a curriculum that takes into account children’s varied learning experiences since March 2020

Priority 1.2: To ensure assessment in reading and maths is accurate and knowledge gaps are swiftly identified with specific actions to address needs


Priority 2.1: To develop an understanding of a mastery approach to learning

Priority 2.1: To develop a mastery approach to maths

Priority 2.2: To focus on developing mental fluency


Priority 3: Review and development of curriculum – Intent, Implementation, Impact


Priority 4: SEND and PPG: Develop targeted provision to address their individual needs and remove barriers to learning


Priority 5: Well-being: Identify strategies to support mental-health and well-being of staff, pupils and parents