St. Mary's

C.E. Primary School

School Improvement Plan

At St Mary's we don't stand still and are constantly working to make our school the best it can be.

This year's School Improvement Priorities have been agreed by staff, governors and children and reflect the impact that Covid has had on our whole community.


Priority 1

Implementation of updated curriculum:

·        Skills gaps from previous year’s learning addressed and targeted

·        Effective retrieval practice that promotes ‘sticky knowledge’

·        Revisiting previous learning through use of a spiral curriculum to develop long term memory

·        Development of Governor knowledge around implementation and impact of curriculum

·        Mastery practice is embedded to ensure high expectations for all children in all subject areas

·        Effective use of assessment to ensure that children ‘catch up and keep up’

·        Maximise digital literacy to support learning

·        Children identified as SEND/vulnerable provided with carefully planned support, appropriate to their needs, to ‘close gaps’ and embed knowledge

Priority 2

Continue to develop the role of curriculum leaders:

·        Targeted CPD to develop skills and understanding

·        Preparation for ‘Deep Dive’ in subject area

·        Develop monitoring practice to facilitate development and improvements in all subject areas

·        Dedicated time to undertake further reading on educational theory and best practice

Priority 3

Reading across the curriculum:

·        Guided reading (including whole class) used to ensure all children are exposed to high quality texts and modelled adult reading

·        Targeted intervention strategies to ensure those children at risk of falling behind ‘catch and keep up’

·        Opportunities for reading across the curriculum are identified and maximised

·        High quality resources that expose the children to a diverse range of representations of life in modern Britain

·        ‘Story time’ is a daily activity and utilised books from the ‘reading spine’

Priority 4

Build community links and establish St Mary’s at the heart of the Northchurch community

·        Increase parental engagement through volunteering programme, School Association, revised Parent Forum, Governance

·        Post-Covid re-establish community links e.g. Christmas, Easter, church events and local associations

·        Promote clubs and hiring 

·        Continue to develop social media and website presence

·        St Mary’s children as ‘brand ambassadors’ at local events and in the community

Priority 5

Diversity, inclusion and well-being

·        Ensure that the curriculum represents the diversity of modern Britain through both specific events (e.g. Black History Month 

         ‘Pride Month’) and through the curriculum

·        Recognition of difference through both specific events (e.g. ‘Good to Be Different Week’) and through the curriculum 

·        Well-being focus for all members of school community and dedicated well-being staff meetings and time, well-being events as suggested by staff