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Pupil Premium

How St Mary’s allocates and measures the impact of Pupil Premium spending

Pupil Premium was introduced by the government in April 2011 as a scheme for providing schools with additional funding to support disadvantaged students. This is in the form of an additional amount of money given to schools in order to help close the achievement gap between those children from disadvantaged families and their peers. Each pupil who is eligible for Free School Meals automatically qualifies for Pupil Premium funding.

St Mary’s CE Primary School is committed to ensuring that those pupils who receive Pupil Premium funding are supported throughout their educational career. We have very high aspirations for all of our pupils regardless of their starting place and closing the gap for those who need extra support is one of key objectives as a school.

If you would like to request any type of support for your child, whether it be to directly support their progress or to help with learning, funding for specific extra curricular activities or help with the curriculum, then please contact us.

Pupil Premium funding is allocated directly to schools who may spend the money as they see fit in order to benefit those who qualify. There is a requirement for schools to publish summary reports outlining how the Pupil Premium funding has been spent and the impact this has had on student attainment.