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Consultation on Admissions Arrangements for 2023/24

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for St Mary’s Church of England Primary School for 2023/24

The Governing Board of St Mary’s Church of England Primary School is the admissions authority for the school.  As required by the School Admissions Code 2021, we are consulting on proposed changes to the admission arrangements to the school for admission in September 2023.

What are the proposed changes?

Full details of the proposed admissions arrangements for September 2023 can be found in the following documents:

Draft Admission Policy 2023/24

Draft Supplementary Information Form 2023/24

Draft In Year Admissions Form 2023/24

Draft Admissions Map 2023/24

In proposing these changes, we are seeking to reflect the importance of the school’s status as a Church of England school and its very strong links to St Mary’s Church, Northchurch, as well the centrality of the school within the community of Northchurch.  Additionally, we have sought to simplify and bring up to date the arrangements as well as to mirror the wording of Hertfordshire County Council’s admission policy for community and voluntary controlled schools, particularly in the explanatory notes section.

The proposed changes to the oversubscription criteria (compared with our current admissions arrangements) are:

  • Deletion of rule 2 (children “at risk” (or sibling of a child “at risk”) who is the subject of an inter-agency child protection plan).
  • Deletion of rule 5 (children who have attended St Mary’s nursery and who are eligible for the early years pupil premium, pupil premium or service premium).
  • Combination of rule 8 and 9 (non-St Mary’s church attendance) into one rule.
  • Deletion of rule 12 (children living in Area C on the Admissions Map) and amendment the Admissions Map so that there are now only two areas, namely Area A which is the traditional village of Northchurch and Area B which is most of the rest of the civic parish of Northchurch plus Valley Road estate and the Chiltern Park developments as well as old Area C (which is the area around Westfield Road, Loxley Road, Durrants Road). 

We are also proposing a change to the definition of worship frequently and regularly from twice per month for at least a year prior to applying to once per month for at least a year prior to applying. 

How can I respond to the change?

The consultation will run from Monday 1st November 2021 to Sunday 12th December 2021.  If you would like to submit feedback on the proposed arrangements please email it to: or send it to: Admissions Committee, St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, New Road, Northchurch, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3QZ.  We will only consider responses that include a name and address.

What happens next?

After the closing date, responses will be collated and presented to the St Mary’s Full Governing Board meeting on 22 February 2022.  It will decide whether or not to proceed with the proposed changes.  Once determined the final admission arrangements for the school will be published on the school’s website no later than 15th March 2022.