St. Mary's

C.E. Primary School

'Shining Brighter and Brighter' Proverbs 4:18

Year 6 Roles and Responsibilities

In preparation for secondary school, Year 6 children are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility within the school; such as House Captains, Librarians, Music Monitors and Sports  Ambassadors. 


Every child and member of staff is placed into a house when they arrive at St Mary’s. 

Named by the children, our houses are: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Being a house captain is a real honour here at St Mary’s. House Captains need to show commitment and teamwork and need to be able to encourage others in their house to be the best they can be.  House points are earned by children for: effort, kindness, excellent learning, resilience and teamwork. Every week, house points are added up by our house captains and shared in our Celebration Assembly. At the end of each half term, the house in the lead gets a special house treat such as an additional playtime or a trip to the local woods.

A trip to the woods

A trip to the woods