St. Mary's

C.E. Primary School

'Shining Brighter and Brighter' Proverbs 4:18

School Council

School Council

The School Council meets fortnightly to discuss issues and ideas to improve St Mary’s School. Members of our Governing Body also meet regularly with the children to listen to their thoughts and ideas. Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity for their voices to be heard and feel part of the whole school community. Our Year 6 children make up the executive committee and work alongside Mrs Bates to enrich school life here at St Mary’s whilst also supporting local and national charities


School Council news: 

The  School  Council  at  St  Mary’s  C  of  E Primary  School  wanted  to  let  you  all  know about   our    recent   fundraising    event   for Sunnyside Rural Trust. We were very lucky to meet  with  Matt  who  told us  all  about  the amazing  work  that  Sunnyside  do.  We found out that they produce their own organic apple juice.  They grow  vegetables  and  produce honey  as  well  as  eggs.  They  also  provide  a lifelong  home  to  some  of  those  animals  used  in  farming  who  have  become unprofitable. They even have a subscription for a veg box! We are very much in favour of healthy eating and really wanted to promote this. We decided to have a veg sale and saw some very unusual vegetables. It is funny how different they look from the ones we see in supermarkets. How can you not love an ugly veg? We raised £126.90


What else have School Council been up to?

*Decorate a mask competition, with all proceeds raised being donated to the NHS

*’Leftovers for lunch’ initiative to help try and reduce food waste

*Supporting Children in Need 2021

*Supporting The Royal British Legion for Remembrance.

*Odd Socks Day. The message being ‘We’re not odd, we’re different and unique.'


All children within the school know that they have a voice and that their views are listened to. This helps to develop their sense of community and responsibility.