St Mary's C of E

Primary School

Parent Forum

The Parent Forum at St Mary’s was established in 2009, as a way for the Headteacher and the Governing Body to consult with parents, on matters relating to the development of the school.

At the start of each year, we ask parents to come forward to be representatives on the Forum. Ideally we would like two reps per year group. Our current representatives are:

  • Foundation Stage
  • Reception Zoe Greenall
  • Year one Karol Freeman & Joanne Loch
  • Year two Alison Cheshire
  • Year three Heidi Bolwell
  • Year four Julie Allen & Kirsty Macdonald
  • Year five Sarah Jones
  • Year six Louise Cooley & Hannah Horton

We meet each term, please see the calendar in the weekly update for the dates for the rest of the year. The meetings are chaired by a governor linked to this area and are attended by the Headteacher and the parent reps. We discuss a variety of issues, which are either raised by the parents, or by the Headteacher and Governing Body.

If you have something that you would like to raise for discussion at the Forum, please look out for the reminders in the newsletter and contact your Parent Forum Representative with the details. The office can provide you with the contact details of your year rep.

We circulate the minutes after the meeting, attached to the weekly update.

If you would be interested in becoming a rep, please contact the school office.

The Parent Forum is not a vehicle for raising specific concerns about individual pupils, parents or school staff. If a parent has such as concern, they should follow the school complaints procedure.